What is Professional Supervision?

Professional Supervision is a forum in which professional issues that the supervisee might need to address, clarify or seek guidance in, can be identified.

My role is to help the supervisee investigate and self-reflect in four important areas;

  • Identifying any mental or emotional health issues
  • Educating/guiding the supervisee in relation to professionally orientated issues.
  • Helping to further develop themselves as a professional within accepted guidelines
  • Helping with business building skills and/or career development as appropriate.

The three conceptualisations of the practicalities of professional supervision are:

  • Professional supervision as a relationship
  • Professional supervision as a developmental process, and
  • Professional supervision as a learning environment

(McMahon 2002)

Professional Supervision is not; personal therapy, case management or a performance review.

Aims and Objectives

Professional Supervision aims to:

  • To offer opportunities to supervisee’s that enables learning with the outcome of expanding professional growth and personal development.
  • To offer Professional Supervision to those who work in our educational institutes, schools and colleges.
  • To support self-care and ensure wellbeing
  • To facilitate and enlarge personal self-awareness
  • To build awareness of the purpose and benefits of external Professional Supervision

The objectives of Professional Supervision are to:

  • Promote a learning culture through reflective practice
  • Assist others to identify gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Identify opportunities for staff development and support


It is preferred that the supervision sessions are face to face meetings.  These can be held at your workplace (if agreed upon) or at my external office.


Supervision sessions are negotiated with the supervisee on an as needed basis.


Individual Supervision                                     $75 – 60 minute session

$40 – 30 minute session